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First, ensure that you are using the correct username and password. Remember that the login for your course is different for the login to your account. Using the "My Account" login on the upper right hand corner of our website allows you to access the details of your account such as: mailing address, past orders, payment details etc. To access your online course you must use the link on the left in the "Login to My Course" section of our website. If you are accessing this area for the first time, then you will need to create your username and password for the online course using the "Create New Account" link.

Our online course must be able to communicate with your computer in order for you to login, and for it to save your forward progress through the course. It does this by placing a cookie on your computer. Most cookies (including ours) are totally safe. They are used by most websites today in order to keep track of your important interactions with the website. For example, Amazon.com uses a cookie to keep track of items that you may place in a shopping cart. These cookies will not harm your computer, and they are not used to obtain personal information from you. They are simply used to make your internet experience better.

In any case, if you are having login problems, or if your progress through our course is not being recorded, it is most likely due to the fact that you are either blocking cookies from our website, or that a previously placed cookie has become expired or corrupted. The first steps to fix this are as follows, and pertain to most internet browsers.

  • Close all open browsers.
  • Then re-open your browser and go to the settings. Delete all temporary internet files, and delete all cookies.
  • Then make sure that you are not blocking cookies from allgooddrivers.com, or from cloud.allgooddriving.com.
  • Then add allgooddrivers.com, and cloud.allgooddriving.com to the list of sites where cookies are accepted. 
  • Then return to our site, and attempt to login and take the course again.

If you still have problems, and you have security/antivirus/anti spyware software, then you may need to adjust it's settings as well. It is rare that these programs effect our course, but some of them have very aggressive settings that may be adjusted to block everything from anyone(including important cookies).  To test this you may want to temporarily turn it off, then access the course and see if it works. If it does, then you know you  need to adjust the settings within your security software.

If you do not have security software and are still having problems, then you likely have a virus or spyware that is interfering with our cookie. You may need to install some security software to fix the issues.

If after all this you are still having problems, then you will need to contact us using the "contact us" link on the left.